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Watch an Edible Playground come to life

Watch an Edible Playground come to life


  • 33% of UK primary school pupils believe pasta is made from meat and that cheese comes from plants*
  • 10% believe potatoes grow on trees*
  • 25% think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs*
  • Public Health England estimate that 28% of children between two and fifteen years old are obese
  • Diet related illnesses cost the NHS £10 billion every year

Edible Playgrounds are a fun, practical way to teach children about the food they eat and give them access to fresh, nutritious food.

*British Nutrition Foundation 2013

Actor, Michael Palin opened Carlton Primary School’s Edible Playground.

I think it’s wonderful that the children will be getting out of the building and learning to grow things in the open air

Edible Playgrounds

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Early Expression of Interest

Growing food, nurturing minds

Edible Playgrounds transform areas in school grounds into vibrant outdoor spaces that excite and teach children about growing and eating healthy food.

By instilling healthy eating habits at an early age, Edible Playgrounds can help to tackle obesity, food poverty and lack of access to nature head on and provide a platform for fun and engaging lessons that support the school curriculum.

And the Edible Playgrounds work. Independent research among participating schools shows that 72% of schools said that children were more likely to choose fruits over less healthy snacks while 94% of schools said that pupils had improved attitudes towards healthy living.

We are continuing to carry out independent research among our participating schools to provide further evidence of benefit to schools and changes to childrens attitudes to healthy food and eating habits.

Hands on help every step of the way

Trees for Cities is the only organisation to offer everything you need to create your Edible Playground and keep it up and running. We don’t leave you high and dry though – your dedicated Edible Playground Coordinator will work with you to ensure it continues to play a key part in your school’s learning long into the future.

We will do a full survey of the school grounds, help with fundraising, consult and engage parents, teachers and pupils as well as design and build the Edible Playground. But we don’t just leave it there.

For a full year we’ll run training sessions for teachers and help embed the playground into your school’s curriculum – turning it into an outdoor classroom. All with the help of a designated Edible Playground Coordinator.

A partner with a proven record

Trees for Cities is a national charity and have been planting fruit trees in school grounds for over 20 years. Edible Playgrounds grew out of this work with schools, following increased concern nationally about obesity in children and the need for healthy diets.

We are the only organisation to offer hands on delivery of Edible Playgrounds and full, practical support for a year to help schools grow their own and create a fully functioning outdoor classroom that’s used throughout the school curriculum.

We were a European Finalist in the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards 2013, which recognises ground breaking solutions benefitting urban communities. The Edible Playgrounds have also been instrumental in helping four Primary schools in London to win flagship school status in the Mayor of London’s Flagship Food Borough Programme,.

We have created over 30 Edible Playgrounds across the UK. Your school could be next. To find out how, email us or call 020 7820 4416.

Expressing your interest in the Edible Playground programme helps us plan for demand with our match funders (if required by your school). This information is strictly private and confidential and will not be shared with any third parties (including funders). Once you have registered your expression of interest a member of our Edible Playgrounds team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

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